For the first time, the Turkish Commercial Code has introduced an "internal control system" that effectively works for the board of directors.


In recent years, important agenda items such as major corporate scandals, abuses and bankruptcies stemming from control deficiencies or inaccuracies, IT and financial reporting environments included in internal control systems have been raised. This is because:

Financial processes, financial reporting and IT processes are becoming more complex,
Legal regulations attach more importance to internal control.

As the Red Audit, comprehensive services related to the restructuring of inspections of internal controls are presented. In this scope, it is aimed to examine the existing internal controls and to restructure the risks and to obtain a competitive advantage opportunity considering all cost elements.

The internal control requirements of companies differ from company size, sector to industry, company culture and management philosophy. In this context, Red Audit provides boutique solutions to the Board of Directors and Directors in support of the establishment of the internal control mechanism.


Especially after some institutional and financial scandals in the world in recent years, the importance of internal control has become an increasing concept.

"Internal audit is an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity aimed at improving the activities of an institution and adding value to them.The internal audit helps the institution to achieve its goals by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to assess and improve the effectiveness of the risk management, Happens "

Internal audit is a management tool. Internal auditors try not to find out the mistakes of the managers and employees but to close their deficiencies. In this regard, it is a function that must be trusted and supported throughout the organization.

 The following services for internal denial of service:

Establishment of the internal audit mechanism,
Determination of effective working principles in internal audit institution,
Outsourcing of internal audit services to your institution (Outsourcing),
Co-sourcing of internal audit services with your institution,
Efficiency audits of IT basic controls,
Internal audit training is organized as a basis for institutions.


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