Cyber Incident Response consultancy (SOME)

“Decision on the conduct, management and Coordination of National Cyber Security activities” was published in the Official Gazette on 20 October 2012 as a decision of the Council of Ministers. The issue resolution also introduced regulation on the establishment of some Cyber Incident Response Teams on a sectoral and institutional basis under the Coordination of the National Usom Cyber Incident Response Center.

USOM and SOME S are vital in the coordination and cooperation of Cyber Incident Management at the national level.

Sectoral Somes are established within the institutions responsible for regulating and supervising critical sectors ( such as public institutions such as RTUK, EMRA, CMB, BRSA). In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, it coordinates and communicates with USOM and some of the sectors to which it is affiliated, if any.

Kızıl Audit Information and data consultancy A.With the experience gained from the services it provides, SOME offers consultancy and training services at all stages considered by the legislation with its expert team within the framework of its establishment.

While providing SOME in-house service;

Preliminary Analysis And Detection Studies,
Planning some capacity to be installed,
Information Exchange Activities With Internal Stakeholders,
Information Exchange Activities With External Stakeholders,
Educational Work,
Documentation Creation Studies,
Effective Use Of Forms Study,
Testing And Inspection Studies
Cyber Incident Response Team Installation Delivery Work
Reporting Work


Sectoral issues in critical utilities and Water Management sectors

1. Ministry Of Interior

2. Ministry Of Justice

3. The Ministry Of Finance

4. Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

5. Ministry of labour and Social Security

6. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock

7. Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs

8. The Ministry Of Health

Some Sectors In The Transport Sector

1. Udhb General Directorate of Highway regulation

2. Udhb General Directorate of Railway regulation

3. UDHB General Directorate of Marine and Inland regulation

4. Udhb Directorate General of Civil Aviation

Some of the sectors in Electronic Communications, Energy and Finance

1. Communication Sector: Information Technology and Communication Authority (BTK)

2. Financial sector: presidency of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA)

3. Energy sector: energy market regulatory agency (EPDK)

4. Finance sector: Capital Markets Board (SEC ))


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