It has emerged as a very important prerequisite for all sectors in the world to develop their technology infrastructure and compete so that they can make the customer experience flawless. For the telecommunications industry, technology is the only condition for existence. Technological infrastructure and service quality are the main priorities of the telecommunications sector at all times.

For example, network connectivity was only a “problem” until yesterday, and today it has an importance that can pose a danger to human life. The process may not be complete yet, but in the very near future we can see that everything and everyone will become connected.

Concepts such as the Internet of things and big data are the solutions that will carry the telecommunications sector to tomorrow. For this reason, the telecommunications industry does not have the luxury of traditional thinking. In the vision that the whole world will be connected, the cybersecurity concerns that arise due to the geopolitical chaos environment are of critical importance. Telecommunications companies are responsible for all personal, commercial and official connections that occur over their networks. E-government applications, banking systems talk to each other, medical devices, digital production systems, the tools mentioned in the future environment that hosts the connectivity technology of the network to ensure safety, leaks and possible vandal-resistant network problems quickly intervene and improve the methods of necessary defence, the telecommunications company is among the expected features of the infrastructure.


* In many ways, the young population, which is the most important opportunity of our country's economy, has a much broader impact in the field of telecommunications. The existence of a young population that is interested in new technologies, adapts quickly and parallels the world in terms of digitalization is an important opportunity.

* Telecommunications is a sector where qualified labor force can be employed.

* The rapid increase in smartphone use and the fact that the consumer has adopted the internet as a solution that makes life easier.

* The increasingly powerful software sector in Turkey has a driving effect for the telecommunications sector.

* Turkey has a strong production potential in consumer electronics.

* A strong interest in investments in telecommunications infrastructure.

* Content and application developers have a dynamism that moves the sector up.



* Political instability and economic difficulties have a negative impact on the sector.

* The lack of legislative changes in accordance with the speed required by the telecommunications sector at the desired speed.

* E-conversion is still not at the desired speed.

* Cyber security problems are growing all over the world.

* Infrastructure standard problems in developed and developing regions of Turkey.

* Insufficient content and application development.


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