In today's business world, the need for programs in which businesses can integrate their business processes and provide a competitive advantage has become even more important within the scope of innovation and digitalization.

ARQ (AUDIT, risk, quality) in an integrated structure and format of both software and business development boutique carefully all of the institution offering enterprise software solution to help manage operational and financial domestic firms and their processes; control, control , risk and Quality Management Program.

First, because the corporate memory of such programs is the most worrying part, ARQ is functional, as you can automatically generate, distribute and store company processes, procedural documents, audit reports and meeting minutes in accordance with your corporate templates within the framework of ARQ.

One of the issues missing from the programs in this category is that they do not offer easy management of your business from one point. ARQ ensures that internal operations are managed in accordance with international standards. With its accessible digital infrastructure, it offers the ability to connect with your business at any time from any device. By closely following the new legislation, it also makes it easier to inform the affected departments easily.

The added values that this user-friendly program provides to the company are varied. The ARQ program, a GRC platform, includes the following modules:

* Internal Audit

O planning and assigning tasks to auditors

O conducting fieldwork

O automatic report creation

* Internal Control

O planning and assigning tasks to controllers

O conducting a criterion-based audit

O general control environment reviews

* Risk Management

O risk inventory fed by internal audit and internal control

O automatic risk matrix and heat maps

O manual risk entry

* Action Tracking

O follow-up of finding and action plan fed from all applications

o manual finding and Action Plan entry

O automatic periodic warning and escalation

* Quality Management

O ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and other standard accreditations

O conducting a criterion-based audit

O customer complaints management

O non-compliance entry and corrective action tracking

O Management Review meetings

* Compliance and legislation

O conducting legislative audits, assigning and tracking action plans

O action generation and action tracking from legislative changes

O create an archive of legislation, publish new and changing legislation

* Document Management

O document creation, writing, publishing and revising

O process drawing interface

O creating corporate memory


Built on the Workrunner platform, the ARQ solution offers a platform-independent user experience with SOA architecture and web-based interface. Users experience the same user experience when they access it from different devices and browsers, including mobile devices.

Based on the concept of memory ARQ with corporate internal audit, internal control, risk management and regulatory compliance, quality management, employees, main activities e-mail, word and Excel files, instead of a specialized structure engage. In this way, both the workload of employees is reduced, and the activities performed are collected at a central point and corporate memory is created within the framework of a certain standard.


Standards set by international organizations and member of the risk management and internal control COSO, IIA Standards (International internal audit Standards ) which is compatible with Tse standards and ISO standards with your organization's risk and internal control ARQ processes, internal auditing ,and processes according to regulatory and ISO standarta you can track.  

According to us ,all our businesses can achieve the operational simplicity they deserve with this program, achieve excellence in all governance processes and carry their business to international standards. The red Check-Up program will continue its path by providing the best prescriptions to institutions through its strategic partnership with Arq, the domestic audit software, and further strengthening…


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