In these days of the Covid-19 crisis, we hope that you are in good health...

We have begun to design how we can deal with this situation, which has been unprecedented since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, and how we can keep our businesses afloat.

As KIZIL audit and consultancy, we planned the measures and actions that our businesses should take due to the outbreak.

In this context, in order to continue our work during the epidemic period, as KIZIL audit and consultancy, we decided to make a life water work program consisting of the most critical 18 items.




1-Determine the impact of the crisis on the general economy

In recent weeks, we have seen that controlled anxiety in financial markets has begun to be replaced by panic-based fear, as the virus has gained a certain prevalence, especially outside China, and has cost many lives. Stock markets around the world have suffered very serious losses. The U.S. dollar rose. The price of oil fell dramatically. Against the background of these developments on the financial front lies a serious increase in concerns about the real economy. The idea that these events will also change many balances in the overall economy is inevitable. By closely following and analyzing these changing balances, we determine their impact on the overall economy in a professional sense.


2-determine the general effects of the crisis on your sector

It seems that many changes in the overall economy will undoubtedly affect sectors positively or negatively. By following this process with strict discipline, we determine the most accurate scenarios according to the sectors. Our main resource is the investigations and investigations that we conduct on your sector when determining the specified scenarios.


3-determine the specific effects of the crisis on your company

If this crisis is not managed correctly, it is inevitable that it will have devastating effects on your company. In order to avoid these effects, it is essential to take some measures for the crisis process and its aftermath. In this way, we provide advice on supporting you and taking precautions.


4-analysis of measures to repair negative effects

By examining the negative effects with different analysis methods, we present to you by creating the measure packages that will neutralize them separately according to each sector and company.


5-search for ways to turn negative effects into positive effects

We aim to turn negative conditions into opportunities by drawing various roadmaps to make the negative effects of the crisis positive by performing SWOT analysis of your company.


6 - analyze the development of positive effects in the interest of the company

By observing the positive effects of the crisis, we aim to ensure its implementation by determining the most accurate strategy that can be used in accordance with the interests of your company.


7 - review of norm cadres according to the results of the analysis 

The main objective is to ensure that the requirements of your employees ' competencies and positions are reviewed according to changing processes and that new regulations are determined. 


8 - re-determination of working places and shifts of the workforce, ensuring their coordination

To adapt to this crisis process by examining the working processes of the employees. In this context, all employees;

- Review of working hours

- Ensuring changes in working environments (working remotely or within the company)

- Coordination between employees in areas such as continuity of tracking in an online (online) environment


9 - review of production materials, ensuring their suitability for the working environment

By scanning inventory status, evaluating whether there is sufficient capacity, organizing production planning and working environments accordingly


10-determination of new decisions to be taken for Supply Chain Management

We are working on determining a dedicated way to scan the need for the supply chain, assess risks and follow up actions.


11-determination of expectations from suppliers and customers in line with company decision and targets

Ensuring that the expectations of suppliers and customers are accurately analyzed and determined in accordance with your company's decision and goals.


12-informing customers and suppliers of the company's decisions and goals

Analyze what your company's decisions and goals are and provide customers and suppliers with the necessary information.


13-determination of customer and brand protective activities

Ensuring customer satisfaction and ensuring the implementation of the correct activities that you will perform without damaging your brand and without losing customers in crisis processes, where maintaining brand value is the most difficult.


14-incentive determination of comprehensive funding sources and determination of ways to use them

From a business point of view, financing is vital. In order for all activities to be maintained, the financial flow must be at the right time and in sufficient quantity. No matter how good a business produces products, no matter how good marketing strategies it implements, if it cannot manage cash flow and finance correctly, it will have to terminate its operations in the wake of the liquidity crisis. While this is the case even when the economy is functioning normally, the importance of business finance increases many times in times of crisis. In this direction, we provide you with support in determining the right resources and making the most accurate research in the process of using these resources.


15-determination of short-term sources of financing and determination of ways to benefit

Our primary goal is to ensure the determination of your company's short-term financing sources by conducting research and to use these identified resources for the benefit of your company. 


16 - audit of compliance with the conjuncture by reviewing oral agreements and written contracts

Evaluate the feasibility of capacity-related legal responsibilities and oral agreements by reviewing customer and supplier contracts


17-review of advertising and promotion activities

Your chosen solution partners in the processes of advertising and promotion activities also make it easier for you to create effective solutions in times of crisis. Working with solution partners with strong infrastructure and experience in crisis management makes process management easier and increases your productivity. We also offer you powerful services as an experienced Solution Partner.


18-creation of a planning and Strategy report

Prepare and present the planning and Strategy Report, which includes the medium and long-term goals, basic principles and policies, goals and priorities of the institution in a crisis environment, as well as the distribution of resources, as well as the ways and methods to achieve them.


We, as the red audit and consulting team, are always ready to support you in creating and implementing an 18-point life water work program suitable for your sector and prepared for you boutique.


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