Announcement: countdown begins for commercial message Management System

The countdown to the commercial message management system has begun ... Did you get your permission ?


The Law No. 6563 on the regulation of electronic commerce, commercial communications and commercial electronic messages about the regulation under the regulation of the commercial message to be sent to the recipients by the service providers by specified exceptions, without the consent of the recipient are not sent in the message sent within the allowed recipients should provide the possibility of rejection stated.

As defined in the law and regulation, in communication approvals for commercial messages, the signature of the recipient is required if the approval is received in a physical environment, but in practice it is a difficult process to store, archive, ensure the security and confidentiality of the documents, and remove them from the archive when necessary. If it is received electronically, it is stated that the notification of approval is received must be forwarded to the electronic contact address of the recipient within the same day. Similarly, electronic records of the receipt of the approval from the person with the permission must be kept and securely stored for electronic approvals received in electronic form.

The current situation

People who received permission from their own commercial electronic message after permission is received, allowing you to track which firms are not commercial electronic messages commercial electronic message to remove the permissions may have to use separate for each service provider reported the possibility of rejection. Commercial electronic message sending a message to a person who is not a trace of complaint on this person's case, the permission of the person that was taken from the relevant service provider, or the refusal of its right of obtaining information about this person and should be given administrative sanctions by evaluating information which is using.


In order to prevent these problems in practice, necessary changes have been made to the law and regulation. In this direction, it was decided by the Ministry of Commerce to establish a national commercial electronic message management system and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey was appointed. Message Management System A.P., Founded by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey to serve this purpose. The message management system, the service providers search for your message and e-mail they can store and manage different types of message, such as the permissions, I can view the recipients, their permissions, unauthorized submissions they can complain to the public complaints and grievances of the permit subject to his website where you can view the status message, short message, number, and our call center will provide services through all the permissions and take the record with the timestamp to keep it safely national database system.

With the message Management System, the permissions that service providers must receive before commercial electronic messages that they will send to recipients will be stored in a secure environment, recipients will be able to make approval and rejection notifications, as well as use the right to complain. It will be able to perform the task of public supervision quickly and completely.

Secure database for commercial electronic message permissions

All commercial electronic message permissions will now be stored in the message management system.
All service provider engaged in commercial electronic message sending

lar, marketing, promotion, campaign, discount, gift advertising, etc. it will upload the commercial electronic message permissions they receive to the message management system so that they can transmit commercial electronic messages with content to their customers as calls, messages, and emails.
Buyers, that is, citizens, will use their exit rights for these permits at any time.

One-Stop Management

Recipients will be able to view when, where, and through which channel which service provider or brand allows them to send commercial electronic messages.
It will be able to edit the permissions that service providers grant for each channel (call, message, and email) through the message Management System.
Moreover, all these transactions will be done on a single platform.

Commercial electronic messages under control
When service providers want to send commercial messages through any channel, the permissions granted by citizens will be controlled through the message Management System by various methods and sent only to citizens who have given permission.
In cases where the exit right is used, these messages will not be sent to recipients who have used the rejection right thanks to the message Management System filter.

Complaint management faster easier
Citizens who receive messages from a service provider that they refuse to receive commercial electronic messages will be able to use their complaint rights through the message Management System.

Your contact information is secure
All permissions and contact addresses on the message Management System will be stored in national databases, thus ensuring data security.

Who is the service provider?
Real or legal persons who send messages with data, audio and video content that are performed electronically and sent for commercial purposes using means such as telephone, call center, automatic calling machine, intelligent voice recorder system, electronic mail, short message service are called service providers.

What is commercial electronic messaging?
These are messages that service providers send to the electronic contact addresses of recipients with promotions, campaigns, discounts, gifts in order to market their goods and services, promote their business, or increase their recognition with content such as celebration and wish. Recipients ' approval is required for these messages to be sent.
However, confirmation is not sought when sending messages with delivery, debt, invoice content related to a service received or indirectly used.

Call center, short link and short number
Service providers will be able to receive call center, short link and short number Services, which are required to be provided to recipients in accordance with the regulation on Commercial Communication and commercial electronic messages, via the message management system if they wish.

One notification for each confirmation
Service providers will forward confirmation and rejection notifications they receive outside the message management system to the message Management System via a web interface or technical integration.
The message Management System will send notifications to recipients for confirmations forwarded to them.
Buyers will be able to use Exit rights through these approval notices if they wish.

Getting approval is fast, easy and secure
Service providers will receive their approval through the message management system, so proof of the received approval will be stored in the message management system.

Turning point for messages
Operators will query through the message Management System whether recipients have approval.
As of September 1, 2020, Service Providers will not be able to send commercial electronic messages to recipients who do not have approval on the message Management System.

Existing permissions must be transferred to the message Management System by September 1, 2020. Permissions not transferred until this date will be considered invalid.


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