I hope your health is good these days while the Covid-19 Crisis goes on.

From the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak up to now, we have started to design how we can cope with this situation that has not been observed before and how we can keep our businesses alive.

As KIZIL DENETİM VE DANIŞMAN (KIZIL AUDUTING AND CONSULTING CO.), we planned the measures and actions that our businesses should take on the pandemic.

In this period, the “WARRIORS” colliding for the legitimate interests of the firms are required, not the consultants who are not thrown out of the throne. In this context, in order to continue our business during the epidemic period, we decided to carry out the most critical 18 issues of the Life Line Support Program as KIZIL DENETİM VE DANIŞMAN (KIZIL AUDUTING AND CONSULTING CO.)


1- Determining the impact of the crisis on the general economy

In recent weeks, we have observed that panic-based fear has begun to replace controlled anxiety in the financial markets, with the virus becoming more prevalent and costing many lives outside China. There have been serious losses in exchanges worldwide. The dollar has risen. The price of oil has dropped dramatically. An increasing concern about the real economy lies at the background of all these happening in financial markets. The idea of these events will change many balances in the general economy as it becomes inevitable. By closely monitoring and analyzing these changing balances, we determine their effects on the general economy professionally.

2- Identifying the general effects of the crisis on your sector

It is observed that many changes in the general economy will undoubtedly affect the sectors positively or negatively. By following this process with a strict discipline, we determine the most correct scenarios based on the sectors. While determining these scenarios, your investigations in the sectors and our research on them are main sources.

3- Detecting the specific effects of the crisis on your company

If this crisis is not managed correctly, it is inevitable to have destructive effects on your company. In order to avoid these effects, it is inevitable to take some precautions for the crisis process and afterwards. In this way, we provide consultancy to support you and take precautions.

4- Analyzing the negative effects and taking restoration measures

We analyze the negative effects with different analysis methods and create packages of measures that will make them ineffective, by creating them separately for each sector and company. Then, we present the results for you.

5- Looking for ways to transform negative effects into positive effects

We aim to turn the negative conditions into opportunities by drawing various road maps in order to turn the negative effects of the crisis  into positive via conducting SWOT reviews (analysis) of your company.

6- Investigating the development of positive effects in the interest of the company

By observing the positive effects of the crisis, we aim to determine the most appropriate strategy that can be used in line with the interests of your company and ensure its implementation.

7- Review of the norm cadres according to the results of the analysis

To ensure that new regulations are determined by revising the requirements of your employees' competencies and positions according to the changing processes.

8- Redefining workplaces and working hours of the workforce as well as ensuring their coordination

By examining the working processes of the employees and adapting it to this crisis process, such issues concerning all employees are monitored:      

 - Review of the working hours      

 - Providing changes in working environments, such as working remotely or in a company,      

 - Informing you with arrangements in areas such as the continuity of following the coordination among employees online.

9- Review of production materials, ensuring their suitability to the working environment

Evaluating whether there is sufficient capacity by scanning inventory status, ensuting that production planning and work organizing environments are aligned accordingly.

10- Determining new decisions to be taken for supply chain management

We are working on determining a dedicated path that will scan the need for the supply chain, evaluate the risks and follow the actions.

11- Determination of expectations from suppliers and customers in line with company decisions and goals

To ensure that the expectations of suppliers and customers are correctly analyzed in line with your company's decisions and goals.

12- Notification of the firm's decisions and targets to its customers and suppliers

Priving necessary information to customers and suppliers by analyzing what your company decisions and targets are.

13- Determination of customer and brand protective activities

To ensure that the correct activities that you will carry out without damaging your brand are determined and implemented in the crisis processes in which the customer acts rationally.

14- Identifying incentive comprehensive financing resources and identifying ways to utilize them

In terms of business, finance is vital. The financial flow must be at the right time and in sufficient quantity to sustain all activities. No matter how well the business produces good products and develops the right marketing strategies, it will have to end its operations after the liquidity crisis if it cannot manage the cash flow and financing properly. While this is the case even when the economy is operating normally, the importance of business finance increases more and more in times of crisis. In this direction, we support you in making the most accurate research in the process of identifying and utilizing the right resources.

15- Identifying short-term financing sources and determining ways to benefit from them

To determine the short-term financing sources of your company by making research and using these sources for the benefit of your company.

16- Reviewing verbal agreements and written contracts as well as running conformity inspection according to the conjuncture

Review customer and supplier contracts to evaluate the legal responsibilities regarding capacity and the feasibility of verbal agreements.

17- Reviewing of advertising and promotional activities

Your solution partners, who you choose in the advertising and promotional activities processes, also make it easier to produce effective solutions during times of crisis. Working with solution partners whose infrastructure is strong and who are experienced in crisis management, also facilitates your process management and increases your productivity. We, as an experienced solution partner, offer you the best and most efficient services.

18- Creating planning and strategy report

Prepare and present a planning + strategy report that includes the medium and long term goals, basic principles and policies, goals and priorities of the institution as well as the ways and methods to be accomplished in addition to the distribution of resources.



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